Understanding The “Catholic Schoolgirl” Fetish

Well, i think this probably qualifies to be added on the list of fetishes. Whats the appeal? Innocent , when you get to be that one person to ravage such innocent from a person of faith. It gives a sort of thrill , a God complex thrill. If you watched American Horror Story , it would be much easier to grasp this fetish. Although i do realise its a nun there but how much difference is there? having sexual fantasies about nuns rather than catholic girls differs only in terms of intensity and the amount of innocence you are action taking power from.

Thought Catalog

The sins of the Catholic Church are without peer in the wretched annals of Western Civilization. Although the papacy is thankfully in decline, it once wielded a cold steel boner over the world, channeling its terrified followers’ sexual energies into global Sadism Pageants. The church subsumed the faithful’s carnal appetites and gave them back bloody Crusades, brutal Inquisitions, and public witch-burnings. It systematically extorted poor, hardworking souls in exchange for the cynical promise of a heaven that doesn’t exist. It ostracized and punished and often killed those who dared challenge its divine authority. Its insane oligarchy’s warped libidinal misery forbids abortion so that the fetuses can grow into little children ripe for physical and sexual abuse at the wrinkled hands of a depraved clergy. Chastity belts and mohair shirts and self-flagellation. The dead-flesh smell of incense, the rote torture of Mass and the rosary, the constant screaming threats of hell…

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