Opinion: Smartphone or Sex? | female

Opinion: Smartphone or Sex? | female.

Actually to be honest , its more on a question ; just how insecure are you that you have to resort to taking every bit of pleasure from the people who are talking to you via social media instead of paying attention to the guy who wants to DO YOU , ALL OF YOU. People really do confuse me. They expect to have a connection but when it comes to face to face conversations or sex infact they rather stick to their technology. Lets face it, its not about how cool and advance technology is becoming . Its how people want to feel signifigant to as many people as possible or to feel some sort of value via social media or whatever it is that smartphone is giving them . I dont see its appeal so my opinion might be bias. Sign me up for all kinds of kinky experimental bondage toe sucking sex rather than a high level candy crush.

“The survey, which was conducted in April, based its results on the answers of 4,000 women from the U.S., Britain, Canada, France, Germany and Brazil. Among these countries, the French women turned out to be the least likely to choose their phones over sex. Only 40 per cent of them would give up sex for a week in favour of their devices. “

ok 40 % of those women must be either having really bad sex to rather depend on their smartphone . For all you know they want their devices cause it vibrates and even that is better than the sex they are getting. Maybe if you stop 69-ing or treat sex like its so difficult to do perhaps your sex like might just improve 40% ladies.

However , right now our dear old Durex has come up with an idea (that is commencing mid you) to combine both sex and smartphones and you long distance relationship-ers should start your parade of joy.

Bet your probably wondering , when when when?

Well if you have a partner you can join the competition that is going on in Australia at the moment https://www.facebook.com/Durex.Australia/app_493857570680544

But apparently , as i was browsing facebook its available for almost any country selling Durex. So what are u waiting for? just try it out. heck i will. Of course i wont spare the details , maybe if i get enough views ill even throw in a video 😛

This would mark the reincarnation of cybersex , personally i was over cybersex since i was 16 but with this, well it might just be interesting . like Apple ill just wait till it develops well enough and they fix the major glitches then ill make full use of it 😉 . This sounds like a great idea for foreplay :*

Fuck! in my country its already way passed the competition. no matter, will definitely participate in their other experiments :*

have fun , have sex

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